Organization Manpower Planning
Nusmart provides accurate, compliant global payroll in a single, unified solution. Nusmart adapted to the unique requirements of each location, with the help of this organizations around the world can experience unprecedented transparency and control of their global payroll.
Organization Manpower Planning
Manpower planning is also known as human resources planning, and it is the process that management uses to determine the way an organization should move from point A to point B, in terms of manpower. This happens via planning and enables management to have the right kinds of employees in the right number in the right place at the right time. Together, having the right manpower will help the organization achieve its goals, and will also benefit individual employees in the best way possible. This kind of planning enables HR departments to forecast which human resources are required to perform which jobs. The HR department will also assess which skills are required of employees for each job. Basically, this gives the HR department a snapshot of the future and helps the department plan for what's to come.
Yearly manpower budget needs to enter in system, as per the department and profile basis, System will count the existing manpower and display the required manpower department wise and profile wise.
Employee Master
Employee record contains the master data of all details pertaining to an employee. Details captured here start from the time an employee joins the organization, and includes personal details, employment contract details like salary, pay grade, joining date, designation, division, etc. Multiple tabs are available to capture information including family details, educational qualifications, previous designations, leave balances, loans/advances, etc. A document archive is provided to attach documents (such as resumes, passport copy etc.) It is a central repository that provides access to all the relevant information pertaining to an employee.
Employee General Information & Personal Details: This includes basic information about an employee such as Name, Employee Id, Family Details, Contact Information and Employee Dependent Information which is required from the perspective of payroll and reimbursements.
Bank Information: This covers bank details such as Account Number, PAN Number, etc.
Current Job Position & Salary Structure: This specifies the position held by the employee in the organizational hierarchy and the salary structure details covering all Additions, Deductions, Benefits.

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