Performance Management System

Nusmart enables the organization to streamline their performance management processes in a way it eliminates favoritism and improves retention.

To retain the employees and grow your employee skills you need to be able to manage not only their performance, but their expectations as well.

Nusmart caters to every aspect of performance management

Performance management system is the systematic approach to measure the performance of employee.It is a process through which the organization aligns their mission, goals and objectives with available resources systems and set the priorities.

It is the channel of providing clarity about goals and to improve the business processes through various methods and mechanism.
Performance Tracking by setting goals
Keeping your workforce focused on your business objectives is fundamental for your success. Nusmartenables you to make sure they are assigned to the right individuals while supporting managers and subordinates to easily track and review them. Define monthly/quarterly/ bi-annually or annual goal cycle. Identify limitations, set KRAs, KPIs, competencies as per the designations. Give flexibility to employees to outline their own goal sheet.
360° Reviews
Nusmart enable the organization to get a better idea on employees’ performance by collecting 360° Feedback.Get feedback for a fair and accurate evaluation of employee’s performance. The transparency in the feedback will Foster employee growth.

software enables you to measure your employees’ performance with predefined KRA(Key Result Area) and KPI(Key Performance Index) and ensures that your departmental and organizational goals are met. With PMS, you can assign customized tasks and monitor the same for each employee individually. The software helps employees stay focused on their tasks and regularly increase productivity to align with business growth.

 KPI stands for key performance indicator that denotes a quantifiable metric, for a defined objective. You can create group wise KRA, It exhibits the factors leading to the success of an organization and employee.

Key performance indicator (KPI) means a mechanism used to represent how well the company can reach the business goals. These are the masters which need to create by HR and can group together.

Competency rating can be defined in system. Competency ratings give you a leg up in evaluating your employees.

Competency Management
This is one of the most important tool in today’s demands of changing workforce, it allows you to do the workforce planning in your company so that the workforce becomescompetent and more efficient.Nusmart helps in managing, and developing the skill sets of employees by identifying the key abilities required to improve performance and achieve success.With the help of this employees can progressively improve their skills and Furthermore, the employees will gain insight into what they need to do to for his personal growth and companies’growth.
In Nusmart you create your own Quarterly / yearly / half yearly Appraisal cycle depending on your organization’s appraisal cycle. Tracking performance of your employees is not an easy task. Leverage our performance appraisal software to track the performance of your employees on a regular basis.We provide 360-degree feedback for an employee’s performance which makes the entire appraisal process transparent and unbiased.

Appraisal cycle can be defined in system, where HR can set appraisal cycle for the employees.

Employee can set his own KRA and KPI in system, Employee can enter Self Remark & Self Achievement % in KRA Record which is then send for the approval and review to the manger.

Manager Remark & Manager Achievement % in KRA Record, Manager Remark & Manager rating in Competency Assessment. Enter Observation & Feedback in Manager Observation & Feedback. Select Recommendation for Promotion.

Reviewer Remark & Reviewer Achievement % in KRA Record. Reviewer Remark & Reviewer rating in Competency Assessment. Enter Observation & Feedback in Reviewer Observation & Feedback. Select Recommendation for Promotion

Career Progression is process where we are doing the increment in salary of employee, Enter % of Increment, run the process.
Learning &development
With the help of our performance management system you can analyze the need for training in your employees. In Nusmart you can create the training groups and create training schedule and directly email the schedule to the employees.

you can directly get the feedback from the employees for the training they attended.

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