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With help of Nusmart you can manage leave and create multiple leaves. employees can just add the leaves in one click.

The leave policy of a company depends on the state/ country policies, especially if your organization is located across a number of countries/ states. With our Leave management system, you can create multiple leave types such as Paid, Sick, Marriage leave, Maternity, Family Care Leave, Child Care Leave, compassionate leave quickly and easily. You can configure rules regulating these leave types with company and state polices – ensuring you are always compliant.

With the help Nusmart You can ensure that staff leaves are planned in such a way that it causes minimal disruption of work due to the absence of any employee.

Leave Enrollment : with the help of Nusamrt you can easily define the different leave type like paid leave , sick leave , unpaid leave etcetc . you can either search from the available list or can create a new Leave type .you can use different functionality like Carry Forward, Buy Back/Encashment. We give you full flexibility to complete the leave enrollment process according to your organization.

Applying Leaves : Now Applying leave for employees can be done with just one click on their mobile App , the best part of NuSmart is its very simple and easy to use .you have the option of creating multiple leave types and applying leave against it . we have multiple approval levels and employee can check on the mobile app his leave approval status.

leave management is the process used to handle any kind of time off request and to track time that employees are away from work. If paid time off is offered as a benefit, leave management systems may calculate compensation provided to absent employees and file this information in company records. software can provide basic guidelines for establishing extended leave policies. The software can automatically keep track of the amount of time that employees are out of work and can report that information as needed or required. Some systems can be set up to send alerts when certain benchmarks are hit
Approvalof Leaves : Once an employee has applied the leave it automatically goes to his line manager for approval . The Manager can Approve or reject the leave, he can use his mobile app also to approve the leave. once the leave has been approved / rejected it gets synced with the payroll.

Leave calendar: The Leave Calendar gives you the visibility into who is in or out of the office throughout the month or year. With the help of this functionality the Manager also get better view during task allocation to his team members.

Leave Reports: Different reports such as the Leave Usage report and the leave list allows the employee, supervisor and the HR to have a quick overview of the leave status, balances and Entitlements.

In system you can define the leave type and configure as per the company’s policies, Leave can be configured as prorated basis, encashment of leave can also be configure, Leave can be configure as buyback functionality, Leave reinstatement process is also available in software, you can set the leave approval in system.

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