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NuSmart provides accurate and compliant global payroll in a single, unified solution. NuSmart can be adapted to the unique requirements of each location, with this organizations around the world can experience unprecedented transparency and control of their global payroll.
Asset Management
System has the feature to maintain the assets master database. Assets can be assigned to employees and the system will track the process of requesting and issuance of the asset upon approval from Head of Department and HR.

We can also track and monitor the return of the asset when an employee resigns from the organization.
Loan Advance Management
Loan and Advance Management lets you define Loan types, schedule payment terms and periods, calculate EMI and configure loan approval and sanctioning. Monthly deduction of amount will then be processed through salary.
Training and Development
1) Mode of Training: Internal or External Training.
2) Internal Training can be
> Individual Training
> Department Training.
> Organisational Training.
3) Multiple employee can be handled in Single request.
4) External Training can be
> Teaching Faculty
> Outdoor seminars
5) We can define the Training Evaluation criteria along with percentage and grades
6) Employee can see his own training details on ESS.
7) Online Training documents and videos can be made available on ESS.
8) In Internal Training
> Employee, HOD or HR can request for the training.
> Training aids can be defined.
> Training objectives can be defined.
> Attendance, Training Evaluation and Training Feedback can be captured.
9) In External Training
> Employee, HOD or HR can request for the training.
>Training aids can be defined.
>External training institute details or trainer details can be defined.
>Training objectives can be defined.
> Attendance, Training Evaluation, Training Feedback can be capture

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