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Recruitment Management
Talent Acquisition
Nusmart‘s cloud-based recruitment software can be tailored to fit in with your organizational requirements.
Our recruitment software helps the HR in analyzing the requirements of a job, attracting employees to that job, screening and selecting applicants, hiring and integrating the new employee to the organization. In short, it helps HR to find and hire right people for the right job.
Job Openings

When there is a vacancy for a new position in any team,manager can raise a request from the portal by filling in all the job details and the required skill sets for that position. Once the requirement is submitted it is routed for approvals. Upon approval, HR will be notified for candidate sourcing. Managers can also add questionnaires for the screening process to source relevant CV’s .

Candidate Sourcing

Candidate sourcing is an integral part of your search for talent. You can post the job vacancies to various platforms like Job portals, Social media, LinkedIn etc with seamless integration. Application submitted by candidates will be automatically filtered according to set preferences. Then source out the relevant candidate for interview.

Applicant Tracking System

Best applicant tracking systems provides you with the tools that are flexible and easy to use on a daily basis.With NuSmart, you can schedule interviews and track the candidates progress at every stage. You can directly send email to the candidates from the system on their progress, interview status and feedback. With our powerful software you can greatly reduce your turn around time.

Talent Pool

Create and maintain talent pool system for future roles. NuSmart allows you to retain the CV’s for future use, this helps organization to fill up their vacancies more efficiently and economically.

Referrals and Internal Job posting

With the help of your employees’ network you can attract best talents. You can also post the job vacancies internally. This would not only help in skills development with job rotation but also help in employee retention.
  • Job Title refers to Job positions vacant such as Analyst, Developers, Managers etc. for recruitment process.
  • User can also view and edit the records according to the latest created/ modified/  viewed records by using the Quick Sort option available under filter panel.
  • The checkbox “Is Questionnaire Applicable?” should be checked if, you want to include questionnaire as a mandatory field that candidate needs to answer during job application.
  • Job Title Created By: The name of the employee who has created the Job Title.
  • Job Description: Enter the detailed Job Description.
  • Job Title Wise Questionnaire is used to enter questions that candidate needs to answer at the time of initial screening.
  • Job Vacancies is number of vacant positions for a particular Job post.
  • Interviewer can access Recruitment process through our “Employee Self Service” web portal as well.
  • Access can be provided to Managers / Department Heads / Eligible Employees to create new Job postings. This can be done by enabling the check box “Applicable for Job Vacancy” in the Employee Master record.
  • Once Job Vacancy is publishing, on company website or any other Job portal, candidate can visit the vacancy and apply for the same.
  • Questionnaire for interviewer is used to enter the Questions which needs to be asked to candidate at the time when, he/she gives an interview by Hiring Managers.
  • Once saving the Candidate Master is created; the next step is either to Shortlist that Candidate for next round or to Reject.
  • Once the Shortlist Stage is over then the Schedule Interview Button will appear
  • Once Schedule Interview is clicked – Action History Master will open.
  • Here Interview scheduling related information is captured.
  • During all these stages of Candidate Master, like Shortlisted, Scheduling Interview… etc. Click on Email to send email.
  • Once Email is sent the Email Send check box will get checked.
  • Ineterview Stage: At this stage actual interview is conducted by interviewer and interview feedback is given by interviewer
  • Once the Mark Interview Pass is selected the first interview stage gets completed and now, Offer Job option appears on the Candidate Master.
  • Now at this stage following three options are available:
  • Offer Job: To offer job to the candidate; click on this button
  • Schedule Interview: To schedule new interview click here
  • Reject: To Reject the candidate profile; click Reject.
  • This process can be repeat till the management is not satisfied from candidate interview.
  • Once all the necessary interviews are over and Candidate has successfully cleared all rounds then at this stage, HR can offer Job to Candidate.
  • Once Job is offered then the status of the Candidate Master becomes, Job Offer.
  • Now at this stage Job is Offered to candidate and now following three probable options are available
  • Reject – HR may reject the candidate
  • Decline Offer – Candidate has declined the offer
  • Hire – HR and Candidate are agreed at a stage and now HR want to hire the candidate
  • As this is a suitable candidate; HR opted to hire the candidate. And HR updates the status as Hired by clicking Hire Button
  • Further HR can update the details about candidate by clicking on Create Employee.
  • New Employee Creation form will appear, and HR can enter employee details here

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