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Time and attendance management

With our Time and Attendance Management, timesheets, attendance can be easily tracked.
View accurate and real-time attendance-related information, such as present/ absent days, half-days, sessions attended, in and out times and alerts for deductions.

The module also allows you to receive email alerts based on time sheets, so you no longer need to chase employees who forget to submit.

You can add Time IN/Out : with just the help of one click employees can either  log in /out and the software will  maintain the entire reports for that .the first login for the day will be recorded as IN time and the last logout time will be considered as logout time for the employee in a day .

Its integrated to biometric system : utilizing biometrics system offers a real-time solution to the HR managers . Integration to biometric system can easily transferdata  to the system and in turn help with payroll processing  , making the entire experience seamless and  easy to use  by decreasing the time spend on manual work  . NuSmart’suser-friendly feature gives assistance to HR managers in auto-generating the salaries of employees from several departments on the basis of their clock-in and clock-out time.

Timesheets fill up :Now you can track the time spent by the employee on completing a particular task or project this means in directly you can track the productivity of the employee . This feature enables to generate customized report of the employee productivity, which in turn is a very important tool for HR managers for decision Making .

Mobile App tracking of attendance:it’s a very unique feature in Nusmart , its especially created when employees are working from multiple locations .Employees can clock in and manage hours and the system maintains GRPs location for Time In and out . with the help of this feature company can keep a track of employees location as well .

Time and attendance monitoring systems can save you and your business both time and money – but only when they are accurate and used properly. System will seamless integration with Biometric machine database and capture the real time punch date of employee.

Employee in and out entry can be capture in system, miss punch entries and outdoor entries can also be capture in system, we can define the attendance policies as per the organisation.

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