Automate Employee Engagement & Socializing through NuSmart App | NuSmart HRMS

Automate Employee Engagement & Socializing through NuSmart App | NuSmart HRMS

April 6, 2021by NuSmart0


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Every company is different. Whether its through their business operations, philosophy, vision, goals and purpose. What makes an organization stand out from the rest, lies within their employees or having an engaging workforce.

Having reliable, credible and the right HR tools enables managers and the HR department to meet employee expectations in today’s demanding work culture.

Our NuSmart HRMS app understands the changing needs of the industry and is able to provide the right features to help organizations to reach their internal goals.


Employees have access to the following features:

– Time & Attendance Management

– Payroll Management

– Performance Management System

– Leave Management

– Recruitment Management

Benefits of Employee Management

Empowers Employees 

The NuSmart HRMS app enables employees to view accurate and real time attendance related information such as present/absent days, half-days, sessions attended, time-in and time-out all from a single platform. As a result, this then helps to boost employee morale and more importantly get things done faster, without having to involve the HR and any other departments.

Provides Accurate, Timely Payroll in a Single, Unified System

The Payroll Management process offers a systematic and consistent information to your employees. It covers areas like attendance verification process, overtime calculation, variable component entries, employee wise ad-hoc entries and deductions, employee salary account posting and generation of pay batch journals.

Enables Organizations to Streamline their Performance Management Processes 

Our app enables organizations to streamline their performance management processes to eliminate favoritism and thereby improve employee retention.

Performance management system is a systematic approach to measuring an employee’s performance. It is a process where an organization aligns their mission, goals and objectives with available resources systems and set priorities.

Customizes to Fit in with Organizational Requirements

The NuSmart HRMS system helps the HR team to analyze the requirements of a job, attracting potential employees to the job, screening and selecting candidates, hiring, and integrating the new employee to the organization. In other words, the system helps to find and hire the right people for the right jobs.

Allows enterprise mobility 

Enterprise mobility is defined as allowing employees to work from their own device from anywhere and anytime. In other words, it allows employees the option to perform any simple tasks on the go, be it from the comfort of their home or outdoors while running errands.

Prevents confusion and adds clarity 

It can sometimes be very confusing for the employees to keep a track on their leaves, working hours, attendance and so on, without the help of the NuSmart HRMS platform. The portal allows employees to get access to simple information with just a few clicks, prevents confusion on all parties and gives clarity to all employers across all levels.


Reduces information inaccuracy  

Certain key information can get lost in translation across all departments. Our NuSmart HRMS app helps eliminate duplicated data entry and increase record-keeping accuracy by allowing employees to check, change as well as update their data.

Creates & Manages Leaves at a Click of a Button

The NuSmart app allows employees to manage and create multiple leave types. Even if your organization is located across different countries or states, our app is able to cater to all your HR needs.


How can NuSmart help?

The NuSmart HRMS app helps to engage and empower employees to handle HRMS software operations with ease by automating tasks to save time and effort. It assures transparency, better communication and responsiveness with its standardized process.

The platform allows employees to:

– Update personal information

– Check salary slips

– Claim their expenses 

– Apply for leaves

– Manage their timesheets

– Check their progress and performance rating during appraisals 

– Stay connected with everyone anytime, anywhere  

Socialize with others across different departments

– Retrieve all forms of work related information

Our features include: 

Clock in and out

Employees will be able to record their work start and end time. The app caters to all types of clients and employees with a site in and site out feature. This feature enables employees who are required to visit multiple sites during a specific projects or tasks, to capture and record the time while on the move. 


The feedback feature allows employees to voice out any form of concerns or problems to the HR department, using customizable categories based on the organization’s requirements. 


The app built in notification feature allows notification to all employees on certain matters or reminders they may have missed, such as leave application status or claims that require approval.

Chatter Box:

Chatter Box is an open discussion platform where employees are allowed to discuss or share relevant ideas, opinions or even matters that may concern them and the organization as a whole.

Garage Sale:

Garage sale is a built-in extension to save the environment and to emphasize reusability. This feature enables employees to sell their pre-loved items to the public, using additional information like featured items for sale, currency and price.

To know more about how our NuSmart HRMS system can help your business, contact us at +65 62742290 or email us at Visit our website at

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